Download Instructions for Computers

The first image below shows the confirmation page you will get in your browser immediately after you complete the check-out process and submit your order with digital downloads. On your computer, to complete your immediate download from the Order Confirmed page, click on the download product link and this will commence the download process on most computers, but may vary depending on your download settings.  If you do not wish to complete your download immediately, you can get the download using the link you received by email which is sent automatically upon the completion of your order.  This example shows the download process for an MP3 zip file.  The steps are the same for M4B-audiobook downloads.  The MP3 zip file, when unzipped/uncompressed (which is achieved automatically during download process or by clicking on it, depending on your preference settings) will become a folder on your computer with the name of the workshop; the tracks will be in the folder.

The name of the download file will become blue when your cursor has been positioned over the file, and you click on it to begin your download.

On your browser, you will see an indicator that shows your download status, either in progress or completed. In this example it is indicated as a blue arrow on the upper right hand corner of the browser (circled in yellow below). Your download will be placed on your computer, in a location determined by your settings, such as the Download folder. From here you can bring your MP3 file into your media player such as iTunes. The M4B audiobook format will play in computer media players such as Quicktime or iTunes.

If you do not want to complete your download immediately after purchase, you can do it from the link in the email, like the example below, which is sent automatically after completion of your purchase. This link expires 24 hours from time of purchase. To download from email, simply click on the link in your email and follow the steps above.