Below, M4B-audiobook in QuickTime when first opened, with the control panel available at the bottom before viewing the tracks.

The following image shows the tracks for this recording.  Clicking on the list icon results in showing the pop-up list, with all of the tracks for the recording, which can then be scrolled through and selected.  See close-up of control bar for location of list icon, illustration #3, below.

QuickTime control bar above: click on the list icon (three small bars) to the right of the arrow to display tracks. Illustration #3.

Note for QuickTime: To organize Don Bisson M4B-audiobooks: place them in your Music folder, create a folder, keep them on your desktop, or they can remain in your Download folder.  Playing the M4B recordings in QuickTime does not import them, you can open them by dragging the M4B file into Quicktime, or by going into QuickTime and use the Open File feature.